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Jiang, Xuan Vocabulary learning through use of the picture-word inductive model for young English learners in China: A mixed methods examination using Cognitive Load Theory. Johnson, Julie Ann A geochemical study of crustal plutonic rocks from the southern Mariana Trench forearc: Relationship to volcanic rocks erupted during subduction initiation. Kalayci, Selim Techniques for efficient execution of large-scale scientific workflows in distributed environments.

Khanal, Hari P Experimental deuteron momentum distributions with reduced final state interactions. Lagomasino, David Ecohydrology, evapotranspiration and hydrogeochemistry of carbonate mangrove wetlands. Liang, Yong Novel approaches for the synthesis of C-5 modified pyrimidine nucleosides. Li, Jingxuan Mining the online social network data: Influence, summarization, and organization.

Li, Lei Next generation of recommender systems: Algorithms and applications. Li, Ting Background traffic modeling for large-scale network simulation. Liu, Ruonan Can compensation committees effectively mitigate the ceo horizon problem? The role of co-opted directors. Liu, Shuo Delay-sensitive service request scheduling for cloud computing. Liu, Su Formal modeling and analysis techniques for high level Petri nets. Long, Stephanie A Simulating everglades national park hydrology and phosphorus transport under existing and future scenarios using numerical modeling.

Madrazo, Vanessa Lynn Identity, purpose, and well-being among emerging adult Hispanic women. Mahmoudi, Mehrnoosh Numerical modeling of the effects of hydrologic conditions and sediment transport on geomorphic patterns in wetlands. Malakasis, Cynthia Helen Immigration and nationalism in Greece. Matamala, Alejandra C Assessing organizational image: Triangulation across different applicant perceptions, website, and Facebook features.

Mazloomzadeh, Ali Development of hardware in the loop real-time control techniques for hybrid power systems involving distributed demands and sustainable energy sources. McKelvey, Karma Time trends and predictors of initiation for cigarette and waterpipe smoking among Jordanian school children: Irbid, McLean, Michael Andrew The relationship among serum levels of manganese superoxide dismutase and mitochondrial DNA 8-hydroxy-2'- deoxyguanosine, and dietary antioxidants intake in type 2 diabetes.

Meca, Alan Ethnic and American identity development: A developmental systems approach. Meng, Ziyuan Two-bit pattern analysis for quantitative information flow. Meszaros, Julia Racialized sexualities within the romance tour industry: The influence of affect and emotion upon transnational hierarchies of desire. Meyer, Debbie Aerodynamic testing of variable message signs. Mintz, Brandon Development of a precast concrete supertile roofing system for the mitigation of extreme wind events. Miranda, Jeffrey The efficacy of an interactive computer system for teaching developmental mathematics to college students.

Molina, Ilia Investigation of escape and negative student behaviors related to Florida state high stakes test preparation in Miami-Dade County Public High Schools. Morgan, Marisa Exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds and reproductive toxicity in women. Morris, Karl A A middleware to support services delivery in a domain-specific virtual machine.

Najiba, Shah High pressure and low temperature study of ammonia borane and lithium amidoborane. Neupane, Suman Synthesis and electron emission properties of aligned carbon nanotube arrays. Nicholas, Tekla C Crossing boundaries to education: Haitian transnational families and the quest to raise the family up.

Climate Change Has Increased Wildfire

Nodine, Emily Evidence of climate variability and tropical cyclone activity from diatom assemblage dynamics in coastal southwest Florida. Noosai, Nantaporn Development of an enhanced hydro-geochemical model to address mercury-speciation fate and transport in aquatic environments. Nowakowski, Aaron Justin Connectivity of fragmented amphibian populations in a neotropical landscape. O'dowd, Briana The effect of prenatal auditory enrichment on perceptual narrowing in bobwhite quail neonates. Ortega, Francisco R 3D navigation with six degrees-of-freedom using a multi-touch display.

Pastor, Alfredo La representacion de la masculinidad y la violencia de genero en la novela Espanola de la posguerra. Paula da Silva Benaduce, Ana UV-induced melanoma mouse model dependent on endothelin 3 over-expression. Peters, Kelley L Development of presumptive and confirmatory analytical methods for the simultaneous detection of multiple improvised explosives. Prentiss, Andrea S Hearing the child's voice: Their lived experience in the pediatric intensive care unit. Pulletikurthi, Chandan Biocompatibility assessment of biosorbable polymer coated nitinol alloys.

Quintana, Shannon Parental and cultural influences on Hispanic college women's verbal intimate partner violence victimization: An examination of within group differences. Ramdathsingh, Krystel Does U. S counter-drug policy affect nationalism in the Anglophone Caribbean? A comparative study on the impact of counter-drug policy on nationalism in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

Regmi, Chola K Structural flexibility and oxygen diffusion pathways in monomeric fluorescent proteins. Riccardi, William N An empirical analysis of the global audit market: International Financial Reporting Standards-related changes and differences within the Big 4 global networks. Rivard, Jillian R Confirmation bias in witness interviewing: Can interviewers ignore their preconceptions? Rodriguez, Marbelys Two adaptation mechanisms regulate cellular migration in Dictyostelium discoideum. Rosario, Janisse Obesity, cardiovascular disease risk factors and weight loss in a population of adult Mexican Americans.

Saha, Dibakar Improved criteria for estimating calibration factors for highway safety manual HSM applications. Saldana Tavares, Amy The role of the transcription factor Ets1 in melanocyte development. Sanchez-Hernandez, Yosmel Paleoenvironments and geochemical signals from the late Barremian to the middle Aptian in a Tethyan marginal basin, northeast Spain: Implications for carbon sequestration in restricted basins.

Sawhney, Ena K Cultural intelligence: Extending the nomological network. Segredo, Mirta R The relationships between elementary school principals' emotional intelligence, leadership style and school culture. Serna, Claudia A Exploring oral health problems in adult Hispanic migrant farmworkers: A mixed - methods approach.

Severe, LeTania P Access to better education: The school choice experience of families served by low-performing elementary public schools in Miami-Dade County. Shabanian, Shaghayegh Advanced methodologies in dynamic traffic assignment modeling of managed lanes. Sheehan, Tara The effects of paternal and maternal nurturance and involvement on young adult academic outcomes. Shen, Chao Text analytics of social media: Sentiment analysis, event detection and summarization. Stice, Szabina Speciation, metabolism, toxicity, and protein-binding of different arsenic species in human cells.

Stoner, Elizabeth W Human-driven benthic jellyfish blooms: Causes and consequences for coastal marine ecosystems. Suarez, Michael Effects of prenatal and early postnatal exposure to aversive stimuli on fearfulness and exploratory behavior in bobwhite quail neonates Colinus virginianus. Tang, Liang Event mining for system and service management. Thompson, Vanessa Covalent protein adduction of nitrogen mustards and related compounds. Tyutina, Svetlana Hispanic orientalism: The literary development of a cultural paradigm, from medieval Spain to modern Latin America.

Urbina, Josue N The relationship between selected standardized test scores and performance in advanced placement math and science exams: Analyzing the differential effectiveness of scores for course identification and placement. Vera, Racquel Perceptions and experiences of intimate partner violence among Hispanic college students. Villalba, Daniella K The effect of rapport building in police interrogations: Can rapport improve the diagnosticity of confession evidence? Villalba, Karina The influence of gene environment interaction on the risk of cognitive impairment: Reducing sexual risk behaviors and alcohol use in HIV-infected adults.

Warmington-Granston, Nicole The Caribbean Court of Justice: An investigation of the impact of elites on its creation and present structure as it relates to original jurisdiction. Ya, Chao Sources, fate and transformation of organic matter in wetlands and estuaries. Yasavur, Ugan Statistical dialog management for health interventions. Yesiltas, Ozum Rethinking the national question: Anti-statist discourses within the Kurdish national movement.

Zeitsiff, Charlotte A The effects on students' self-efficacy beliefs regarding their comprehension of American literature when aesthetic reading and reader response strategy are implemented. Zheng, Li Towards next generation vertical search engines. Zhu, Feng Integrity-based kernel malware detection. Zhu, Zhenduo Mechanisms governing the eyewall replacement cycle in numerical simulations of tropical cyclones.

Abal, Abdulaziz A comparison of the effects of classroom and Multi-User Virtual Environments on the perceived speaking anxiety of adult post-secondary English Language Learners. Aidov, Alexandre Three essays on market depth in futures markets. Alvarado-Vargas, Marcelo J The mediating effect of innovation on the relationship between corporate reputation and performance in U. Amor Coarasa, Alejandro Microspheres for liver radiomicrospheres therapy and planning.

Amparo, Robin Faith Gaining insight into teaching: A phenomenological exploration of the lived experience of Teachers of the Year. Arif, Farrukh A decision support framework for infrastructure maintenance investment decision-making. Astray-Caneda, Evelio Enrique Hazard mitigation element quality in coastal comprehensive plans in a state with strong requirements for hazard mitigation plan elements.

Attonito, Jennifer The influence of neurocognitive impairment, alcohol and other drug AOD use, and psychosocial factors on antiretroviral treatment adherence, service utilization and viral load among HIV-seropositive adults. Ballesteros, Jaime Mixed spatial and nonspatial problems in location based services. Ballout, Souha The effects of age, ethnicity, sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, masculinity, and relationship with the partner on the quality of life of men with prostate cancer.

Batch, Sudha Rani Photo degradation of contaminants of emerging concern CECs under simulated solar radiation: Implications for their environmental fate. Beaghen, Susan Peabody Selection and passage of county land preservation voter referendum: The role of government. Bellantuono, Anthony John Acclimatization of the tropical reef coral Acropora millepora to hyperthermal stress.

Beltz, Katylynn The development of calibrants through characterization of volatile organic compounds from peroxide based explosives and a non-target chemical calibration compound. Bessey, Cindy The role of teleost grazers in a relatively pristine seagrass ecosystem. Bhandari, Yuba R Pressure induced structural changes and gas diffusion pathways in monomeric fluorescent proteins.

Boone, Justin Through wafer 3D Vertical Micro-Coaxial Probe for high frequency material characterization and millimeter wave packaging systems. Caicedo, Carmen Children with special health care needs: Comparison of the effects of home care setting, prescribed pediatric extended care setting, and long-term care setting on child and family health outcomes and health care service use. Carol, Rolando N Implicit eyewitness memory. Cash, Tina The effect of reciprocal mapping on high-risk sixth-grade students' social studies achievement.

Chatterjee, Chiradip Four essays of environmental risk-mitigation. Chaturvedi, Vivek Leakage temperature dependency aware real-time scheduling for power and thermal optimization. Chaudhary, Ujwal Functional near infrared spectroscopy study of language, joint attention and motor skills. Clausen, Daniel Political strategy, leadership, and policy entrepreneurship in Japanese defense policy and politics: A comparison of three prime ministerships. Cochran, Geraldine L A Q-Methodology approach to investigating the relationship between level of reflection and typologies among prospective teachers in the physics learning assistant program at Florida International University.

Dahan, Jessica Individual child cognitive behavioral treatment versus child-parent cognitive behavioral treatments for anxiety disorders in children and adolescents: Comparative outcomes. Del Rio, Vivian M Effects of sex, third grade reading achievement and motivation as predictors of fourth grade reading achievement of Hispanic students: A path analysis. Dickson, Dionne C The effect of iron oxide nanoparticles on the fate and transformation of arsenic in aquatic environments.

Ding, Yan Environmental dynamics of dissolved black carbon in aquatic ecosystems. Erazo, Miguel A Leveraging symbiotic relationships for emulation of computer networks. Fan, Wen Improved dynamic headspace sampling and detection using capillary microextraction of volatiles coupled to gas chromatography mass spectrometry. Fernandez Fernandez, Alicia IR nanoconjugates for theranostic applications. Franco-Castillo, Iliana The relationship between scaffolding metacognitive strategies identified through dialogue journals and second graders' reading comprehension, science achievement, and metacognition using expository text.

Fu, Tuan-Chun Development of effective approaches to the large-scale aerodynamic testing of low-rise buildings. Gadkari, Tushar V Effect of arginine and oscillatory calcium ion II on vascular response mediated via nitric oxide signaling in normal and salt sensitive hypertensive rat mesenteric arterioles. Garvoille, Rebecca I Sociocultural complexities of ecosystem restoration: Remaking identity, landscape and belonging in the Florida Everglades.

Gibert, Jorge C Distribution of light in the human retina under natural viewing conditions. Glass, Paula Ellen Seidel Differences among undergraduate and graduate nursing students' cultural competency. Gomez, Jorge The relationship of instructor technical literacy to the academic performance of students in career academies. Guzman-Medrano, Gael Post-revolutionary post-modernism: Central American detective fiction by the turn of the 21st century.

Hajali, Masood A model for continuous measurement of drilled shaft diameter during construction. Hamilton, Shelly-Ann It takes an institution's village to retain a student: A comprehensive look at two early warning system undergraduate retention programs and administrators' perceptions of students' experiences and the retention services they provide students in the early warning system retention programs.

Hendrix Turner, Diane Elizabeth The market value implications of pension asset allocation. Holness, Howard K The utilization of chiral ion mobility spectrometry for the detection of enantiomeric mixtures and thermally labile compounds. Hondroulis, Evangelia Real-time biosensor for the assessment of nanotoxicity and cancer electrotherapy. Huang, Jian Dynamic image precompensation for improving visual performance of computer users with ocular aberrations. Huey, Eric G Site specific growth of metal catalyzed silica nanowires for biological and chemical sensing.

Jacobs, Holly An examination of psychological meaningfulness, safety, and availability as the underlying mechanisms linking job features and personal characteristics to work engagement. Jiang, Wenjun The investigation of photocatalysts and iron based materials in the oxidation and adsorption of toxic organic and chromium materials. Jonah, Olutola Optimization of wireless power transfer via magnetic resonance in different media.

Joy, Stephen W Twelve certain men: The impact of emotional appraisals on juror decision-making. Jozic, Ivan Selective and specific activation of Rab5 during endocytosis of receptor tyrosine kinases. Kang, Chi Won Enhanced 3-dimensional carbon nanotube based anodes for lithium-ion battery applications. Kelley, Keith James Regional diversification and performance: Conceptualization and competing strategic objectives. Kennedy, Amy Genetic markers, birth characteristics, and childhood leukemia risk. Khorsand Rosa, Roxaneh Influence of habitat on the reproductive ecology of the Amazonian palm, Mauritia flexuosa, in Roraima, Brazil.

Kumar, Sushant Clean hydrogen production and carbon dioxide capture methods. Kundu, Sajib Improving resource management in virtualized data centers using application performance models. Lei, Tingjun Multifunctional nanoparticles in cancer: In vitro characterization, in vivo distribution, and cellular response after laser-NIR dye-induced heating.

Liu, Chang Localized surface plasmon resonance biosensors for real-time biomolecular binding study. Lobanova, Olesya Three essays on dual-class stock structure. Lu, Jinyan Development of safety performance functions for SafetyAnalyst applications in Florida. Mandel, Peggy Lee The relationship between the use of Academic Text Talk and the comprehension of scientific academic language for diverse second graders.

March, Samique Three essays on the microstructure of exchange traded funds. Marin, Nilo Eric The impact of a Classroom Performance System on learning gains in a biology course for science majors. Martinez, Juan Carlos Towards the prediction of mutations in genomic sequences. McCall, Paul David Modeling, simulation, and characterization of space debris in low-Earth orbit. McIntyre-McCullough, Keisha Teachers' experiences in and perceptions of their 12th-grade British literature classrooms. Mohamed, Ahmed Hybrid power system intelligent operation and protection involving distributed architectures and pulsed loads.

Mori, Patricio Social-cognitive antecedents of ambidextrous orientation in family-owned startups: The role of family ties, achievement motivation, and internal locus of control. Murphy, Terence An analysis of the factors that influence regional economic development cooperation. Navarro, Christi M Gender differences in the influence of protective factors, risk factors, and health risk behaviors on HIV risk behaviors among youth in South Florida.

Nejadpak, Arash Development of physics-based models and design optimization of power electronic conversion systems. Newness, Kerry Ann Exploring calling work orientation: Construct clarity and organizational implications. Nwankwo, Victor Ikechukwu The relationship between faculty perceptions and implementation of elements of transactional distance theory and online web-based course completion rates.

Nyang'oro, Claudette Globalization and the public provision of higher education: Empirical evidence from selected countries. Olukolu, Rona Moore The relationship of culturally responsive instruction and the reading comprehension and attitude of struggling urban adolescent readers. Panditi, Venkata Reddy Assessment of the occurrence and potential risks of antibiotics and their metabolites in South Florida waters using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. Perez, Mario H Aedes aegypti pharate first instar aseasonal quiescence cues anticipatory plasticity with implications for urban vector ecology and control.

Persaud-Sharma, Dharam An assessment of novel biodegradable magnesium alloys for endovascular biomaterial applications. Pumpichet, Sitthapon Novel online data cleaning protocols for data streams in trajectory, Wireless Sensor Networks. Ramirez, Cesar E Novel analytical methodologies for the monitoring of traditional and non-traditional pollutants in different environmental compartments of South Florida. Reding, Brian D. Ren, Peng Off-line and on-line affective recognition of a computer user through a biosignal processing approach. Restrepo, Monica The relationship between job structure, burnout, and coping methods among public school county bus drivers, bus aides, mechanics, and clerical workers.

Rodriguez, Idaykis An ethnographic study: Becoming a physics expert in a biophysics research group.

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Rodriguez, Isela S The effects of trained teachers' integration of dialogic reading discourse on Hispanic English Language Learners' literacy skills in kindergarten. Rodriguez, Paloma Operant and respondent procedures to establish social stimuli as reinforcers in children with autism. Rosenblatt, Adam E Factors influencing movements and foraging ecology of American alligators Alligator mississippiensis in a dynamic subtropical coastal ecosystem. Salah Eddin, Anas Network construction and graph theoretical analysis of functional language networks in pediatric epilepsy. Salters, Gregory A A phenomenological exploration of Black male law enforcement officers' perspectives of racial profiling and their law enforcement career exploration and commitment.

Schneider, Kevin J Covalent protein adduction by drugs of abuse. Shoup Holderness, Virginia Lynn The use of visualization, onset-and-rime, story read-alouds, and discussion to improve diverse first graders' vocabulary and comprehension. Snyder, Amanda Joyce Pirates, exiles, and empire: English seamen, Atlantic expansion, and Jamaican settlement, — Strobl, Sascha Liquidity, governance and adverse selection in asset pricing. Sun, Tong Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 influences cell motility and chemotaxis by regulating phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase localization in Dictyostelium discoideum.

Swortwood, Madeline Jean Comprehensive forensic toxicological analysis of designer drugs. Thams, Yannick Foreign-born CEOs, country-specific skills, selection, and strategic consequences. Thomas, Jennifer L Method development for the analysis of smokeless powders and organic gunshot residue by ultra performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry. Turnquest, Britt E Rapid inline derivatization of primary and secondary amine containing drugs by capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence.

Vakharia, Sheila P The influence of gender on perceived treatment need among a community sample of substance users. Vedala, Krishnatej A novel signal processing method for intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring in spinal surgeries. Wang, Jian Assessment of the occurrence and potential risks of pharmaceuticals and their metabolites in fish and water using liquid chromatography mass spectrometry.

Warsido, Workamaw Paulos Reducing uncertainties in estimation of wind effects on tall buildings using aerodynamic wind tunnel tests. Yamada, Yoshiko The discursive construction of Japanese identity and its haunting others. Yang, Kun The survival and stock performance of emerging country firms in the United States.

Yang, Yuehai Mechanical and electrical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by chemical vapor deposition. Yeager, Lauren Ann Does landscape context affect habitat value? The importance of seascape ecology in back-reef systems. Yeboah-Forson, Albert Hydrogeophysical characterization of anisotropy in the Biscayne Aquifer using geophysical methods. Young, Mimy Evaluation of non-contact sampling and detection of explosives using receiver operating characteristic curves. Zakaria, Rimi Interdependencies in corporate development: Relationship between strategic alliance and acquisition activities.

Zeng, Reng Methods for modeling and analyzing concurrent software. Zhang, Rui Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic and computational investigations of chloroperoxidase catalyzed regio- and enantio-selective transformations. Aboud, Maurice J The development of direct ultra-fast PCR for forensic genotyping using short channel microfluidic systems with enhanced sieving matrices. Acquavita, Teri L A longitudinal exploration of the relationship between oral reading fluency and reading comprehension achievement among a sample of diverse young learners. Alvarez, Patricio A methodology to estimate time varying user responses to travel time and travel time reliability in a road pricing environment.

Amin, Mahmoud Efficiency and power density improvement of grid-connected hybrid renewable energy systems utilizing high frequency-based power converters. Ardalan, Christine Forging professional public health nursing in a southern state: Florida's public health nurses, Atwood, Anthony D A state of war: Florida from to Averhart, Veronica Wenette Ageism in the workplace: Examining the influence of age conceptualization on the advancement opportunities of older workers.

Babic, Djuradj Adaptive software fault prediction approach using object-oriented metrics. Bass, G. Nelson Organized labor and U. Beidaghi, Majid Design, fabrication, and evaluation of on-chip micro-supercapacitors. Bell, Patrick Michael Development of local homeland security networks in the state of Florida: A social network analysis approach. Bhatt, Ruchir Positron emission tomography PET tumor segmentation and quantification: Development of new algorithms. Borda, Armando Assessing the impact of business group diversification on the internationalization of their affiliates: The case of Latin American firms.

Bourque, Amanda Sarah Ecosystem structure in disturbed and restored subtropical seagrass meadows. Brown, Jessica Sara Determination of signature volatile odor chemicals emanating from novel biological specimens by non-invasive analytical techniques for the potential use in forensic identifications. Burkholder, Derek Anthony Top down control in a relatively pristine seagrass ecosystem. Cahoon, Erica M The discrimination and association of float glass and the quantitative analysis of liquids from aerosols and microdrops using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy.

Campbell, Justin E The effects of carbon dioxide fertilization on the ecology of tropical seagrass communities. Cartaya, Eric Personality and performance: Assessing the mediating role of mental model formation in the personality-performance relationship. Clifton, Mark The endocrine basis for reproductive life-history trade-offs during the previtellogenic resting stage in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes Aegypti.

Cruz Wagener, Jackie Factors influencing the implementation of substance use prevention programs in elementary schools. Dagnew, Agerneh Kenubih Computational evaluation of wind loads on low- and highrise buildings. Das, Santanu Carbon nanostructure based electrodes for high efficiency dye sensitized solar cell. Delgado, Antonio A hermeneutic phenomenology of graduate education students' understandings of instructor power in a higher education classroom.

Delgado, Javier Scheduling medical application workloads on virtualized computing systems. Dhanabalan, Abirami Tin oxide based composites derived using electrostatic spray deposition technique as anodes for lithium-ion batteries. Dhavala, Kishore Kumar Essays on emissions trading markets. Doscher, Stephanie Paul The development of rubrics to measure undergraduate students' global awareness and global perspective: A validity study. Dowdall, Courtney Marie Small farmer market knowledge and specialty coffee commodity chains in Western Highlands Guatemala.

Fernandez de Cueto, Julio Relative importance of false positives in the selection process.

Alaska's Uncertain Food Future

Fernandez, Giovanni A comprehensive study of bankruptcy prediction: Accounting ratios, market variables, and microstructure. Fletcher, Sandra Personal and institutional factors: Relationship to self-efficacy of persistence to the senior year in college among self-identified Black undergraduate students in a Hispanic serving institution. Frankel, Anne Sperling Predictors of adolescent sexual intentions and behavior: Attitudes, parenting, and neighborhood risk. Gao, Lianhong Examining argumentative coherence in essays by undergraduate students of English as a foreign language in Mainland China and their English speaking peers in the United States.

Garba, Nana Aisha The role of redox signaling in the molecular mechanism of tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer. Garcia, Arlene Evaluating the effects of initial participation in the group therapy process. Garcia, Tracey Anne Evaluating heavy episodic drinking effects on educational attainment. Gavassa Becerra, Sat Social and environmental regulation of signal plasticity and signal reliability in the electric fish Brachyhypopomus gauderio.

Gill, Puneet Kamal Singh Assessment of biodegradable magnesium alloys for enhanced mechanical and biocompatible properties. Gokaltun, Ayse Cici The impact of friends on newly immigrant children's emotional and behavioral adjustment. Gonzalez-Ledo, Mary Kristina The use of computer graphic organizers for narrative writing by elementary school students with Specific Learning Disabilities. Goryawala, Mohammed Z A novel 3-D segmentation algorithm for anatomic liver and tumor volume calculations for liver cancer treatment planning.

Guerra, Jorge Career technical education adjunct faculty teacher readiness: An investigation of teacher excellence and variables of preparedness. Handan Guleryuz, Ece Essays in economic growth, political economy and institutions. He, Wei Essays of strategic alliance portfolio configuration—Its performance properties, strategic antecedents and consequential effects on multinational firms' continuing foreign expansion. Homayounvash, Mohammad History and evolutionary trajectory of the Iranian nuclear program.

Hrubiak, Rostislav Exploring thermal and mechanical properties of selected transition elements under extreme conditions: Experiments at high pressures and high temperatures. Huang, Huang Power and thermal aware scheduling for real-time computing systems. Jamal, Adeel Ab initio quantum chemical studies on neutral-radical reactions of ethynyl C2H and cyano CN with unsaturated hydrocarbons.

Jha, Kaushal Kumar An energy based nanomechnical properties evaluation method for cementitious materials. Jiang, Lin Mechanisms of chloroperoxidase-catalyzed enantioselective reactions as probed by site-directed mutagenesis and isotopic labeling. Jin, Hao Host and network optimizations for performance enhancement and energy efficiency in data center networks. Kaviani, Ali Kashefi Dynamic modeling and analysis of single-stage boost inverters under normal and abnormal conditions.

Khurana, Indu Three essays on a longitudinal analysis of business start-ups using the Kauffman Firm Survey. Klotz, Ryan J Sustainable rural development through alternative economic networks: Redefining relations in the commodity chain for export vegetables in western Guatemala. Koch, Gregory R Dynamics of ecosystem metabolism and flocculent detritus transport in estuarine Taylor River. Koller, Ricardo Improving caches in consolidated environments.

Kumar, Vivek Hydro-physical characterization of media used in agricultural systems to develop the best management practices for operation of an environmentally sustainable agricultural enterprise. Lacey, Elizabeth Anne Herbivore and nutrient impact on primary producer assemblages in a tropical marine environment. Li, Ruilong Effects of architectural features of air-permeable roof cladding materials on wind-induced uplift loading.

Liu, Guanglei Practical dynamic thermal management on Intel desktop computer. Lowery, Robert K Neanderthal admixture in current human populations. Lucas, John Paul Essays on city size distribution and real estate bubbles. Madrasi, Kumpal J Preservation of nitric oxide availability as nitrite and nitrosothiols. Malo-Juvera, Victor The effect of young adult literature on adolescents' rape myth acceptance.

Maximin, Brent M Cognitive competence and life course change in multi-problem adolescents. Medero, Ilida The effectiveness of a conceptually-based health and wellness course in developing health related factors, exercise self-efficacy and knowledge of health issues and exercise performance among diverse college students. Mekala, Priyanka Field programmable gate array based target detection and gesture recognition.

Melchior, Michael Andrew Investigating the outcomes of two chronic disease self-management programs and understanding the correlates of completion for each program. Micolta, Patricia Helena Illicit interest groups: The political impact of the Medellin drug trafficking organizations in Colombia. Miller, Aaron W Black band disease: Elucidating origins and disease mechanisms. Molina, Roxanne V Microteaching Lesson Study: Mentor interaction structure and its relation to elementary preservice mathematics teacher knowledge development.

Motoca, Luci M Treatment moderation and secondary outcomes: Results from a randomized clinical trial. Nackoney, Claire Kostopulos Living on both sides of the fence: A phenomenological study of human resource development professionals as downsizing survivors and strategic human resource development facilitators. Namin, Shabnam M An experimental and theoretical analysis of nitric oxide availability in the microcirculation. Nassereddine, Mohamad Three empirical essays on startups' survival using the Kauffman Firm Survey.

Odai, Michelle L An investigation of the relationships between selected characteristics and leadership outcomes of Athletic Training Education Program directors. Pagel, Michael J Knowledge, attitudes, and practices affecting health behaviors in the U. Army Special Operations Command population of Rangers. Perez, Yvette Early career special education teachers' perceptions of school site induction support. Phillips, Deidre Marshall The relationship between educational placement, instructional practices, and achievement gains of Black students with specific learning disabilities in secondary urban school settings.

Pineda Castilleja, Martha Fernanda Developing a process to create and validate an instrument assessing student attainment of competencies at an intercultural university in Mexico. Rhoden, Valmarie The examination of the relationships among secondary principals' leadership behaviors, school climate, and student achievement in an urban context. Riaz, Omar Spirituality and transformational leadership in education. Ritchey, Alicia D Goma curriculum, a character education paradigm: Composing a text for shaping classroom character culture.

Roig-Watnik, Steven Michael A retrospective-longitudinal examination of the relationship between apportionment of seat time in community-college algebra courses and student academic performance. Republish Like Tweet Email Print. Comments 5. A Yurok Tribe resolution allows cases to be brought on behalf of the river as a person in tribal court.

Falconers and bird abatement can be used to protect crops, prevent the spread of disease, and keep refineries and housing developments clean. A new book dives into the injustices of Manifest Destiny in the American West and its relationship to the election. Strong candidates will have experience meeting the needs of customers High Country News Seeks an Executive Director to advance its mission, grow its audience and influence, and strategically and sustainably guide the organization through a Western CO.

Change will happen when we see a new way of living.

Thinking to save the world. Join the SWS board and help us broaden, diversify, and engage the wilderness community. Classic, territorial abode home. Horse facilities, Gila Wilderness, Mimbres River and much more. Live in a spectacular part of the West and work with great people to build power and win! The Western Organization of Resource Councils is Central Colorado Conservancy is seeking an innovative and dynamic Executive Director to build on growing regional impact within the current strategic plan.

Malig, Examining the association between apparent temperature and mental health-related emergency room visits in California. American Journal of Epidemiology , 4 , — Feely, J. Reum, B. Peterson, J. Menkel, S. Alin, and B. Hales, Limacina helicina shell dissolution as an indicator of declining habitat suitability owing to ocean acidification in the California Current Ecosystem. Feely, N. Tolimieri, A. Hermann, S. Siedlecki, G. Waldbusser, P. McElhany, S. Alin, T. Klinger, B.

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Chesley-Preston, K. Goehring, M. Magnuson, N. Nordensten, M. Nelson, and G. Collins, Pika Ochotona princeps losses from two isolated regions reflect temperature and water balance, but reflect habitat area in a mainland region. Journal of Mammalogy , 97 6 , — Herring, L. Jantarasami, C. Adrianopoli, K. Benedict, K. Conlon, V. Escobar, J. Hess, J. Luvall, C. Garcia-Pando, D. Quattrochi, J. Runkle, and C. Schreck III, Ch. Babst, E. Wahl, D. Stahle, and V. Trouet, Multi-century evaluation of Sierra Nevada snowpack.

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Severe Drought Reduces Water Supplies in the Southwest

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People are grizzly food — and that’s OK — High Country News

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