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Caine is a fictional character, the father of all vampires in White Wolf Game Studios role-playing games set in the World of Darkness. It is quite possible this monastery was Erciyes itself, home of the Cappadocian clan. Mount Erciyes tr. These documents were hidden in a secret chamber in the monastery's library, and some appear to be the words of Caine himself: his own telling of the event which forever changed his life, and its repercussions.

Written in the margins of these documents are commentaries by Cainite scholars of varying clans who have come before Niccolo. There are also testaments of later Cainites: a description of life under the waters during God's Great Flood , the events which took place leading up to the slaying of Caine's childer and the Cursing of the Clans, laws, proverbs and prophecies, including the prophecy that the Cappadocian Clan whom Niccolo served would be betrayed by one of its own.

Erciyes Fragments

The story of a Great Flood sent by a deity or deities to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution is a widespread theme in myths. The book is separated into nine parts, with a framing text telling the story of Niccolo Gionanni. Book I - Genesis: A retelling of Abel's murder and Caine's exile and curse, as told from his own perspective.

She offers him succor and shelter and later awakens in Caine his potential for power. It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with Adam and Eve. The second angel Uriel offers him redemption, but is refused and Caine was cursed to fear the sun. A third angel, Gabriel , offers him a third path to be saved, but is refused, cursing Caine to stand between the lands of the living and the dead, to hunger for blood and watch all he loves wither and die, his children to war amongst themselves. A final angel comes to Caine, Raphael and offers him mercy, a way to salvation called Golconda, if he but seeks it.

Guido Renis archangel Michael in the Capuchin church of Sta. Caine hoped to forestall the curses of the angels, having found shelter from the sun, water to quench fires, blood to feast on, he forbids his childer from creating any more vampires. In the end the city is washed away by the biblical flood. A punishment on kindred and kine.

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Book V - Lamentations: The story of how the ancient vampires survived the flood and their belief that all the kine were dead, and thus, they were themselves doomed. More generations are spawned and the final curse takes effect, the second generation is slain by the third. Caine curses the antediluvians for their crimes, except Saulot who remained true.

Caine then leaves them in disgust.

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Many of these bare close resemblance to the traditions of the Camarilla. As with most prophetic prose, their meaning is coched in riddles and allegory. Friedman Celia S. Friedman born January 12, is a writer of science fiction and fantasy. Want to know more?

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  • Vampire Ser. The Dark Ages: The Erciyes Fragments by C. S. Friedman (1999, Paperback)!
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The fragment is known to contain the rituals from a pre-Hermetic Tradition of Chaldean magic. We see just want a ghoul will go through to service his master and himself, we see his identification with a clan, and indeed we see his own desires for knowledge -- all of these are something that other Vampire guides might lead you to think were impossible once enslaved by the blood. The "documents" themselves are written interestingly -- text from the "ancient sources" interspersed with a dialogue of commentaries through the ages each written in a unique script giving the sense of a real exchange of ideas and personalities.

Some intriquing play on previous "ancient texts" as well as comfirmation of some ideas I'm sure are not unique to our game. Well worth buying and using. I both like the game and I love Friedman's books which there are not a lot of. And so I was suprised and delighted to find this. I found it an interesting a worthwhile read.

C. S. Friedman

Not very long for the price but quite well done. Poetic and Biblical in its storytelling. An interesting bit of fiction. Good stuff here.

The Dark Ages

The book had more cosmetic and binding damage than I expected for what I paid for it. It was still readable, but not "good" condition. No rule only plot. This book is another version of the book of Nod. Its amazing whit the comments of the Vampire who read its. If you enjoy VTM Lore and can find it, it is worth the purchase.

Format: Paperback. Here's my easy description- in content it is very similar to the book of Nod. I think of it as a beuatiful sequel, the art direction immaculate, the legends and myths, stunning.

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Overall, it is one of the most impressive books White Wolf had yet released, full of hints, subterfuge and pondering the nature and lineage of the damned. It is well written, and interesting enough on its own without the context of the game that spawned it, Vampire: The Masquerade.

As far as brilliant tomes go, I have no complaints, only adulation for the hard work that went into it. Viva unlife! I apologize, dear reader, it is a penchant of mine to become carried away. See all 11 reviews. Customers who bought this item also bought. Clanbook: Lasombra. Chronicle of the Black Labyrinth. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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