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There were two glaring mistakes in the book that confused me until I realized they were mistakes: The latter mistake really through me until it occurred to me to check the arithmetic. Bad mistake for an accounting book!

There's a problem loading this menu right now. The conceit of the narrative is so convoluted and is basically thrown away and shifted under you so many times that the valuable information about balance sheets, income statements, accounting equations, and everything else that I was here for see I didn't love this book.

The Accountant's Guide to the Universe: Heaven and Hell by the Numbers

The conceit of the narrative is so convoluted and is basically thrown away and shifted under you so many times that the valuable information about balance sheets, income statements, accounting equations, and everything else that I was here for seemed like mere window dressing. If anything, I wish this book was more dry and had less sci-fi-meets-religion fiction in it. Pull back on those reins and drive home the educational points. Mar 13, yoli rated it liked it Shelves: This book was fun though!

It was a silly and a very light refresher on accounting, more conceptual than actual nuts and bolts accounting. May 14, Tina Molski rated it liked it. Entertaining, a little preachy at the end. I wouldn't recommend it unless you like to read books on accounting.

Mar 09, Stefanie rated it liked it. What a strange amalgam!

Spiritual Marriage - Swedenborg and Life

It starts off very Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-ish, then explains accounting, then goes off on a very philosophical bent at the end. That's not to say it's bad, because it is good, but it does morph several times as it goes on. The almost 1, illustrations use the Peterson Identification System for quick, accurate field identification.

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The Accountant's Guide to the Universe: Heaven and Hell by the Numbers

The book opens with a wild premise: Heaven and Hell have been outsourced to a giant company in a distant galaxy and they are now in charge of determining who goes where after death. The entire universe is scoured for an objective system that can be adapted to the task, and it is found, in the form of accounting, in the least civilized backwater Duncan addresses the issue of maternal sexual abuse answering questions about mothers who willingly sexual abuse their own children and at times commit child sexual abuse with other adults, as well as women who sexually abuse girls.

Four types of female sex offenders are presented within the emerging research on this topic, along with questions regarding assessment, treatment, and management of female sex offenders in the community. It also addresses the controversial issues of female pedophilia and female sexual deviance within the context of what we know about human sexuality. P75 T46 Police Psychology: A New Specialty and New Challenges for Men and Women in Blue offers readers the opportunity to examine two different aspects of police psychology: psychology as it pertains to the personality of police officers and the application of psychology in police practices.

The book takes readers inside the lives of real officers struggling with the daily quest to remain mentally healthy in the face of often-gruesome crime scenes. The actual experience of police work is illustrated through case studies and vignettes, and the text offers a template of best practices for those who practice police psychology. Other insights in this book reveal the practical side of policing, examining the use of psychology in hostage negotiation, interview and interrogation, threat assessment, and criminal profiling.

Readers go behind the scenes to watch as police apply psychological principles in actual cases, and then are given the opportunity to match wits with a simulated foe themselves. Juvenile Delinquency by Shoemaker, Donald J. Juvenile Delinquency offers a timely, comprehensive look at the unlawful and criminal behavior of young persons and the manner in which the criminal justice system treats the young. In this highly readable text, Donald J. Shoemaker explores the social issues of race, class, and gender and their impact on youth.

After grounding readers with a historical perspective, Shoemaker presents a series of sharply focused chapters on schooling, religion, and family, as well as sections on drug use, gangs, and female delinquency, With a strong emphasis on the importance of theory and practice, Juvenile Delinquency is a must-read for everyone trying to understand crime and youth culture.

Call Number: JV O77 This volume addresses some of the toughest political issues that surround immigration reform. The authors propose a radical overhaul of current immigration policy designed to strengthen economic competitiveness and long-run growth in the United States.

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They advocate a selective immigration policy focused on high-skilled, high-demand workers will allow the United Sates to compete in an increasingly global economy while protecting the interests of American citizens and benefiting taxpayers. The authors conclude that "while not all potential immigrants who knock at the golden door should be admitted, the door should swing wide open to welcome those who desire nothing more than the opportunity to work for the American dream.

Z9 P67 Offers practical legal information for dealing with landlords and roommates, including fighting discrimination, protecting privacy rights, and understanding leases and rental agreements. Call Number: LA Z93 What's Wrong with Our Schools and How We Can Fix Them examines the status of public education in North America and exposes many of the absurd instructional practices found in all-too-many schools. Written by three experienced educators, this book provides readers with a direct window into public education.

The language is straightforward, the case studies based on real events, and the research evidence clearly presented. S55 A call for the extension of hybrid learning urges that it become not just a quick fix or a boon for the bottom line, but an educational mode that re-envisions quality teaching and learning for the 21st century. Hybrid learning could be the new century's educational game changer. Combining online with face-to-face instruction, hybrid learning promises a best-of-both-worlds solution to higher education's acute problems of student retention, success, and engagement.

Yet, in the absence of adequate faculty care and institutional support, hybrid learning can aggravate the very problems it is meant to address. This work is an in-depth exploration of a new learning mode that could radically change higher education, incorporating emerging trends in technology and multimedia use, including online gaming, social networking, and other Web 2. H52 Hickok provides an insider's account of this historic legislation. A former key player in the Department of Education during the Bush administration, Hickok describes how Bush's education agenda took shape during the campaign and his first year in office, how it achieved bipartisan support in Congress, and how it was implemented.

Hickok believes that, even though NCLB accomplished a few goals, it had flaws.


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Presents advice on ways to examine a painting to gain a better understanding of its meaning. Call Number: ND E85 H35 Underlying the religious art of the Renaissance is a tension between the needs of the Church and the impulse to create great works.

This beautifully illustrated book presents sacred images from the 15th and 16th centuries, leading up to two pivotal events in C48 T48 In Impressionist Children, Greg M. Thomas offers new perspectives on some of the most famous paintings in art history, explaining how they reflect the dominant social, cultural, and political aspects of Parisian middle-class life in the late s.

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The Accountant's Guide to the Universe: Heaven and Hell by the Numbers - PDF Free Download

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This biography traces Wright's life, while he attempted to answer the question, "How can I live freely? H48 Mathematics is often thought of as the coldest expression of pure reason. But few subjects provoke hotter emotions--and inspire more love and hatred--than mathematics.

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Geographically, these diseases have spread across the entire globe; temporally, they stretch from the sixth century to the present. John Aberth considers not only the varied impact that disease has had upon human history but also the many ways in which people have been able to influence diseases simply through their cultural attitudes toward them. The author argues that the ability of humans to alter disease, even without the modern wonders of antibiotic drugs and other medical treatments, is an even more crucial lesson to learn now that AIDS, swine flu, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, and other seemingly incurable illnesses have raged worldwide.

Aberth's comparative analysis of how different societies have responded in the past to disease illuminates what cultural approaches have been and may continue to be most effective in combating the plagues of today.

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F55 B The Fluoride Deception unearths the mystery of how a grim workplace poison and the most damaging environmental pollutant of the Cold War was added to our drinking water and toothpaste. A chronicle of the abuse of power and of the manufacture of state-sponsored medical propaganda, The Fluoride Deception reveals how a secretive group of powerful industries, all of which faced extensive litigation for fluoride pollution, collaborated with officials from the National Institute of Dental Research to launder fluoride's public image.

I54 A26 Whether sharing photos or following financial markets, many of us spend a shocking amount of time online. While the Internet can enhance well-being, Elias Aboujaoude has spent years treating patients whose lives have been profoundly disturbed by it. Part of the danger lies in how the Internet allows us to act with exaggerated confidence, sexiness, and charisma. This new self, which Aboujaoude dubs our "e-personality," manifests itself in every curt email we send, Facebook "friend" we make, and "buy now" button we click.

Too potent to be confined online, however, e-personality traits seep offline, too, making us impatient, unfocused, and urge-driven even after we log off. This first scrutiny of the virtual world's transformative power on our psychology shows us how real life is being reconfigured in the image of a chat room, and how our identity increasingly resembles that of our avatar. From Baron Pierre de Coubertin's original objectives in establishing the Modern Olympic Games, to the increasingly widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs during the Cold War, to the drug scandal during the Tour de France and beyond, Steroids: A New Look at Performance-Enhancing Drugs puts the social construction of steroids as a banned substance under the microscope and interprets the implications of that particular conception of steroid use in sport.

Call Number: TD F6 B52 Published thirty years ago, this book is now considered a classic in the field of environmental history. Nelson Blake was an innovative social historian and the country's foremost authority on water management. His seminal study regarding Everglades drainage, the Cross-Florida Canal, and the overall development of water policy in Florida from the early nineteenth century onward has proven to be remarkably prescient. This updated edition includes a new introduction, two new chapters, and a new afterword, allowing Blake's brilliant discussion of Florida's water management struggles to shine through, even while providing information that brings the story up to date.

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