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N4 W Unknown. More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. Contents Introduction: hearing from the sisters We always went to church : women and religious socialization Where somebody knows my name : the culture of the Black church The fuel that keeps me going : practical and spiritual assistance We went to the church for everything : the mission of the church If it weren't for the women : female labor and leadership in the church We're a part of the same culture : racial awareness and religion The conclusion of the matter.

Summary Enter most African American congregations and you are likely to see the century-old pattern of a predominantly female audience led by a male pastor. How do we explain the dedication of African American women to the church, particularly when the church's regard for women has been questioned?

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Wiggins takes a contemporary look at the religiosity of black women. Her ethnographic work explores what is behind black women's intense loyalty to the church, bringing to the fore the voices of the female membership of black churches as few have done. Wiggins illuminates the spiritual sustenance the church provides black women, uncovers their critical assessment of the church's ministry, and interprets the consequences of their limited collective activism.

Wiggins paints a vivid portrait of what lived religion is like in black women's lives today. Marino A.

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Norris 3 , 4 ; Bettina M. Beech 3 ; Janice V. Bowie 5 ; Roland J. Thorpe Jr. Address correspondence to Marino A. Competing Interests: None declared. So use every part of your body to give glory back to God Over 30 years ago, Lasater and colleagues 1 demonstrated how churches can play a significant role in health promotion and disease prevention studies and launched a line of research that has evolved to focus primarily on African Americans AAs.

Religious institutions have historically been an essential resource for AAs and played a major role in the establishment and maintenance of communities in which they lived. African Americans as a population have the largest proportion of individuals reporting religion and weekly church attendance to be important. Health scientists and practitioners have sought out faith-based organizations to launch programs designed to improve the health of vulnerable populations and ultimately reduce racial disparities in disease, disability, and death.

By their very nature of church member involvement, these programs, by and large, also have a faith or doctrinal orientation. The results have been promising, as faith-inclusive interventions have been generally more effective in church settings than those without religious or spiritual elements. Advances in the next generation of faith-inclusive intervention studies targeting AAs will need to come with an even deeper appreciation of social and cultural factors operating in the vast array of AA churches and other spiritual organizations. These authors encouraged researchers to integrate contextual elements into their studies or programs; however, this line of work has primarily resulted in interventions with components that convey a respect for diverse AA worship traditions and expressions.

The worship experience is important in church culture, but it is not synonymous with faith among AAs.

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Faith is a cornerstone of AA churches or other spiritual organizations and has multiple dimensions, expressions, and applications. Any aspect of life, including health, can be viewed through lenses shaped by faith operating at multiple levels. Searches on popular religious search engines eg, www. The modest level of effectiveness of faith-oriented interventions may be rooted in the limited understanding of faith and health not as individual, but interdependent concepts and therefore how each have implications for the other.

Interdependent relationships among seemingly incommensurable elements are important considerations in the current focus in health science on precision medicine. Potential for scholarly achievement and demonstrated excellence in teaching is required, and a completed Ph. Applications accepted and reviewed continuously until the position is filled, but the deadline for applicants to be interviewed at the American Academy of Religion meeting in San Antonio is November 3, An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Fellowships and Grants:. The Massachusetts Historical Society will offer approximately twenty short-term researchfellowships in Short-terms awards are open to independent scholars, advanced graduate students, and holders of the PhD. Candidates must be U. Application deadline: March 1, Recent and Forthcoming Books. Kenneth C.

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