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It's not quite that but you did jog my thinking skills. It is literally as simple as only carrying forward the unselected choices, and adding the piping in the selected choice. Same advanced randomization applies, of course!

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When I looked at your first image, it made me think you were only including a subset of states in your question, not all of them. Sign in to your account Qualtrics Community Qualtrics.

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December in How to Use the Survey Platform. Is there a way to ensure that the home state does not appear twice?

Tagged: survey build Survey Flow. Best Answers. This article shows you how to create a new JavaScript Variable which has date values derived from categories.

Note that it is not possible to make your date periods any smaller than those represented by the categories. For example, if your date categories are months of the year, then it is not possible to make date values that let you aggregate your data weekly. Approach is to use Q's function Q. EncodeDate y, m, d to assign date values for each category based on the year y , month m , and day d for each category. The date value should usually fall in the middle of the period.

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For example, if encoding months, you would use encode the 15th of the month, Q. EncodeDate , 1, Once you have create the variable, change its Variable Type to Date. Jump to: navigation , search.

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