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    The Perils of Paradox

    Request for Items Waiting for Arrival. Flavor Text One look at this glorious item convinced me that Kaladesh deserved my full attention. Sure enough, my time here has yielded exquisite fruit. Items: 7.

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    Read more about Thor: Love and Thunder, and how the comics will influence the movie, here. Now, after watching Thor: Ragnarok, we were under the impression that all the Pegasuses pegasi? But then, in the final standoff against Thanos in Endgame, Valkyrie rides in on one of the winged beasts in all its white, feathery glory. Where on earth did it come from? Has it just been held in storage somewhere?

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    A secret stable somewhere really, really hidden? Beautiful, but bizarre. That air-punch moment in the final battle against Thanos finally confirmed a long-held suspicion of fans everywhere: Captain America is worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Loki grabbed the Tesseract sharpish and teleported himself elsewhere in the past, but where on earth did he go? The Loki Marvel TV show looks set to answer exactly this, with the villain messing with events throughout history in the series.

    She was running the Avengers all by herself, then she had to be all damned noble and exchange her soul for the Soul stone so Ronin could be with his family if they succeeded in thwarting Thanos again.


    You could probably only get Black Widow back by exchanging the Soul stone for her life, something that might not have occurred to any of the Avengers. Aaaand now we're sad.

    About The Rogue Angel Series Of Books:

    Plus, knowing Tony, the gauntlet he built likely factored in the cataclysmic power of the stones. He only lasted a few minutes before he succumbed to the wounds they caused. Yeah, we cried at that bit too. Now, this is quite the big one.

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    After the emotional and dramatic death of our beloved Tony Stark, who bravely sacrificed himself to save the entire world and guarantee a future free from Thanos, there is already speculation as to who will take up the mantle of Iron Man. The most obvious choice would be James Rhodes - aka War Machine - who already has his own version of Iron Man's armour, so it would be quite easy for him to slip into that role.

    Of course, Pepper Potts also has her own armour now, which we saw in that fantastic big fight scene at the end of Avengers: Endgame. In the comics she's seen wearing similar armour under the superhero name of Rescue, so she could be doing her own thing rather than becoming Iron [wo]Man. In the comics, Iron Man is replaced by Riri Williams, a teenage genius, and African-American engineering student who reverse engineers her own suit. She's mentored by Tony himself, but eventually becomes the superhero Ironheart. She's already been named as his intellectual equal, and probably his superior, too, because she's probably created most of the awesome tech in Wakanda.

    A bit of a wild card, but there's also the young girl from Captain Marvel, Monica aka Lieutenant Trouble, who jokes about building a spaceship of her own to go and meet Danvers in space. She's obviously highly intelligent, and a total badass, so she could be a key character going forward. However, it's worth noting that Monica Rambeau actually goes on to be Captain Marvel in the comics.

    The plot thickens. There's no doubt that Avengers: Endgame is full of lovely little Easter eggs, nods and other little references, but one of the most interesting is the boy at the back of Tony Stark's funeral, which is literally full of cast members from the entire MCU. Slightly shaggy-haired, the camera lingers on the boy for a few seconds, making all of us in the movie theatre question his identity.

    He and Stark met when Iron Man broke into Keener's garage to fix his armour see image above. It turns out the two have obviously kept in touch, because Keener played by the same actor from Iron Man 3 adorably then turns up at Stark's funeral. A lovely little touch. Captain America finally got to grow old with the one true love of his life, Peggy Carter, so while seeing him as an old man was sad in part, it's hard not to be really happy that he got the thing he's always wanted. He's been through a lot, right? Well, you can't really have a elderly gentleman wielding the almighty shield, so it's quite the moment when Cap passes his shield to Falcon, letting him know that he's now the new Captain America in his stead.