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Since then, the MCB has issued a string of press releases expressing support for the British armed forces and stressing the patriotism of British Muslims.

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It has not, however, disavowed Abdullah. Its critics say it has no legitimacy and deserves no funds. Its defenders say it represents the wide range of authentic opinions held by British Muslims. The present Labour government initially treated it with kid gloves, but now seems to regard it as a worthy interlocutor. You might well argue that both of these issues are so fundamental to our notions of democracy, freedom and decency that nobody should be afforded credit for supporting them. But this is to ignore as the government does consistently, pretending not to notice the enormous, profound ideological differences between Islam and the west.

For all its faults, the MCB does seem to be changing, to be moving in the right direction. And at a time when the government is lashing out at individual Muslims it does not like and organizations with which it does not agree, it may be that we need a voice to support a minority which is coming under increasing attack. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola. Sign up for free access to 1 article per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts.

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When this was found to be false, the prime minister's office, almost with a perceptible shrug, claimed that Cameron had only meant to say that Gani supported "an Islamic state". This did not prevent broadcasters from repeating the charge, nor Defence Secretary Michael Fallon from defending the claim after the election. This campaign period shocked many Conservative figures. Peter Oborne, a Tory journalist, compared the campaign to an infamous general election in which the Conservatives had run on the slogan: " If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour ".

Andrew Boff, the former leader of the Conservative group of the London Assembly, excoriated the party's "outrageous" campaign. Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a former cabinet member, declared that " the right needs to weed out its Islamophobes ". Mohammed Amin, chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, took the opportunity following Khan's win to denounce the smears , claiming that Islamophobia would drive some "impressionable young British Muslims" into the arms of ISIL. Muslim leaders of the Conservative Party have congratulated Khan for his victory.

The smears were not for want of prophylaxis on Khan's part. No sooner had he been selected as Labour's mayoral candidate - as part of the same process that saw Corbyn elected as party leader - than he was denouncing Corbyn for "encouraging" terrorism and inciting anti-Semitism. He also made sure to distance himself from his twice-elected Labour predecessor, Ken Livingstone. But this only alienated Labour's grassroots and was not enough to placate Conservative opponents, nor Labour politicians who wanted to see him lose.

Khan's overwhelming victory is all the more remarkable for one other factor: the attempt on the part of some Labour Party big beasts to throw the election in order to damage Corbyn.

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Shortly after Khan's nomination, the columnist Dan Hodges let it be known that anti-Corbyn Labour MPs were quietly briefing him that they wanted Khan to lose. In some cases, the opposition was explicit. Lord Alan Sugar, a Labour peer, wrote a scathing article for The Times urging Londoners not to elect Khan because of his support for Ed Miliband, his nomination of Jeremy Corbyn, and his willingness to talk to the trade unions.

In the months before the election, former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott denounced a clutch of bitter former advisers to Tony Blair for trying to sabotage Labour's chances behind the scenes. But if it is, the British judiciary would do well to work under its influence. Phillips spends a lot of time also haranguing the Church of England for sticking its head in the sand. I agreed with much of what she said. Of course what Christ taught is superior to any worldly culture if you believe that he is God.

I think Phillips has an important message to proclaim. But her style can be described only as rabid and this will put a lot of readers off. More off putting, and a major stumbling block to me, is that after finishing the book, a book which challenges the predominant view that Israel is the baddie in the Palestinian situation, I discovered that she is Jewish.

Now, as someone who has a lot of experience writing social research, not declaring a vested interest is tantamount to rendering your entire paper invalid. It is a major omission that nowhere in this book as far as I remember did she tell me where she was coming from. At least now I understand one of the major driving factors behind her writing the book in the first place and why she seemed pretty angry all the way through it.

Feb 15, Patrick rated it it was amazing Shelves: female-writers , response-to-jihad. This book is a disquieting snapshot of contemporary Britain, and a wakeup call to anyone still deaf to the danger of growing Islamist influence, not to mention Western capitulation to that influence.

Melanie Phillips has been dismissed as a fringe voice by some of her ideological opponents, but as the plethora of end notes for each chapter makes clear, this passionate book is also meticulously researched. Despite what some reviewers would have you believe, nothing in "Londonistan" is racist The This book is a disquieting snapshot of contemporary Britain, and a wakeup call to anyone still deaf to the danger of growing Islamist influence, not to mention Western capitulation to that influence.

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Despite what some reviewers would have you believe, nothing in "Londonistan" is racist The provocative title of the book may offend some people, but its derivation is explained, and the name itself is not original to Phillips. Certainly Phillips is indignant throughout the book, but she's also scrupulously fair. In fact, given the controversial subject matter and the way that she disdains conventional "wisdom" in both England and America, this might also be the bravest work I've ever read. It's a quick but important read, highly recommended, and not just to "right-wingers.

This was an especially troubling book for me, as I was born in England and went back to live there for a year when I was in my teens. Although the English economy seems to be in a better state than it was when I lived there, in some ways England is much, much worse off.

The threat posed by radical Islamists is worrying enough, but I'm shocked by the degree of civilizational self-loathing that has taken over the country. Phillips does a fine job of documenting the relationship between Islamic rad This was an especially troubling book for me, as I was born in England and went back to live there for a year when I was in my teens.

Phillips does a fine job of documenting the relationship between Islamic radicalism and self-defeating multiculturalism.

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No nation is perfect, but I'd venture to say that England has given far more to the world than it gives itself credit for. Apr 28, Rachel rated it did not like it. This is the kind of racist vitriol that is destroying the world. Phillips can be incredibly manipulative -- largely in her suggestion that if you don't condemn the Islamic faith itself as fanatical, then you are an anti-semite. The gist of her argument was, "Hey, if you don't want to be a Nazi, then you have to hate Muslims! It helped me realize the conservative, post-Powell perception of multiculturalism in England.

Oct 04, Jennifer Jacobs rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-reviews , owned , challange A superb book! When I read this book,what I thought was:This is what happens when you appease some1 hellbent on world domination and subjugation of others!!

Has London become Londonistan?

It happened again! Europeans have become complacent post WW2,partly due to revulsion of European Nationalist politics which resulted in the Holocaust and due to America becoming a world superp A superb book! Europeans have become complacent post WW2,partly due to revulsion of European Nationalist politics which resulted in the Holocaust and due to America becoming a world superpower,protecting Europe at her expanse and rendering Europeans careless about their own fate.

The result:Londonistan!

The reaction to Donald Trump's 'Londonistan' tweet shows how racism is harming Britain | inews

The way things turned out esp in recent times,prove that the premise of Londonistan is bang on! Recently during the 50 days war between Israel and Gaza,Londonistan saw massive pro Jihadist pro Hamas demos,sometimes over 1,00, strong,vs BBC,and repeatedly,these were terrorist demos,filled with hardcore antisemitism,anti Zionism,anti Israel,anti West sentiments! When Taliban or Al Qaeda did their horrible acts of Jihad,same Londoinistan went on doing things usually,not a pip!

Not a single demo!! The way UK people have turned out pro Islamist,it's alarming! I made that word up and I stand by it! Are you kiddin me? Europe's and UK's immigration policies are a total and devastating failure,rather in fact a spectacular failure! UK is already a lost cause and will in time turn Islamic,it'll beome an evil empire with a new flavor and this book said it a long long time ago!

I absolutely loved reading this book,so sharp,spot on and somewhat prophetic! I hope people wake up,there's no sense of Islamophobia and many times people are hurt by it when it's uncalled for but in the UK's case,they have let this disease of poisonous ideologies in,and there's no cure,not in the near future anyway! The British govt has officially declared 44 British areas as no-go zones! You cannot go to these Shariah Zones unless you are a Muslim and the police won't protect you if you do! Cowards even published official maps showing these areas!

This is a prime example of a thoroughly corrupt government! Much vaunted 'Minority outreach' programs just work to appease and make these people feel 'Special',doesn't serve anything good!! It in fact festers anti nationalist 5th columns whose contribution to the society are very very detrimental! Point is,these cuddling of Jihadists make them feel entitled and bold,validates their narcissism and there's no incentive for integration offered by the govt!

They live i ethnic enclaves and never bother to learn English,dont feel thankful to the host European countries at all! Even those who are motivated to integrate in the UK society by themselves don't feel like it,due to this politically correct BS by leftists! The fact is European left has sold their countries out to a hungry ideology that knows nothing about loyalty to the host country but just domination!! Multiculturalism the overdose of it,and political correctness have ruined the UK,ad west at large has become a gutless feckless ogre but for America,which while leaning somewhat left post Obama victory,has maintained a healthy balance,America is wayyyy better than EU and Islam will have a super hard time doing the same here,rather it's most likely that such a horrible conquest will never happen here in the US!

Thankfully America is a very balanced nation this way and people love America by heart! Islamic Jihad can't thrive here the way it has in Londonistan! I hope it remains that way forever! Phillips also details how cultural decay has led to infestation of radical Islam in the UK,how UK churches have died down and lost the purpose! The thing is,and all established religions are far from perfect and in fact origin of most conflict,decay of Christianity has given in to rise of Islam!

People will always seek at least some faith rather than Atheism which is perfectly fine,atheism is fine I mean ,people crave it and Islam gives it to them,where there's o individuality,no choice and just submission,surrender! Some people go for that! And far leftist doctrines as manifested by anti Israel demos in London,if left unchecked,is only going to exacerbate this problem! Too much focus on multiculturalism,too little on nationalism and ridiculous laxity on Jihad ism and Islamist terrorism has eroded the UK,it has become a sad pathetic excuse of a society,culture and nation!

Phillips has a strong message for all the Londoners who dont want to bury their heads in sands of denial! It never helps! Another decay which has caused this society dearly is how political correctness and moral relativism have benefited radical Islam! And all you read is,some 'Asian youth' did this and that! Have you ever seen any Buddhist blow a bus up? Any Indian or Hindu? Hell no! But Uhh..

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But they do it all the time You cant say that! It's just Asian youth but not Pakistani Most likely culprit in case of UK ,this actually annoys and offends Asians a lot who dont follow Islam! Multiculti PC actually hurts non Muslims like hell!! And the reasons we are given for this are gems,like colonialism and poverty and linguistic barriers and youth disenfranchisement,racism and uhh,orientalism! Thats the magic word isnt it? It's something very peculiar to one ideology and it's ime it's called out for what it is! Londonistan the book precisely does that!

A book with a strong worded message,very easy to read and will shock you,may be open some eyes! Highly recommended read! And uh,Am Israel Chai An author that tells it as it is, she doesn't mince words. What a courageous woman! All the people on the Left, anti-Christian, and anti-Israel should read this. Supposing that they were well-meaning, honest, and loving to their neighbors as they are to their pets, that won't keep them from being the targets of Islam.

Islam hates them as much as they hate Jews and Christians. The sooner these well-meaning and ill-meaning people realize how foolishly they are acting the better. This book should An author that tells it as it is, she doesn't mince words. This book should do the job of opening the eyes of the well-meaning ones. It's a religious war, folks. A secular society can't fight a religious war; the secular has no values to stand for, nothing worth defending as long as the aggressors have been victimized , while Islam is mad as a rabid dog. Yeah, right. One thing is for certain: when the paradise-seeking Jihadist next door starts cutting throats in your neighborhood, they won't ignore you because you're pro-Palestinian or an atheist.

Those, and other excuses, won't get you off the hook. If a whole civilization has nothing to stand for, and everything has the same value in this crazy multicultural society of ours, if we have no definitive values, no faith in God, no respect for our history, what is there left for us to defend? Well, somebodyelse's history, values and faith. The West has reached a point of no return.


But this book is not about philosophy at all. This is a tremendous work of clear-sighted journalism. A wake-up call and a challenge for every lover of Freedom. The author will never get the honorable mentions she so much deserves, because those who ought to give them are the ones tightening the ropes around our necks, selling us cheap to the enemy.

A cultural suicide is taking place in Europe. It is not new, we've been suffering it since the rich sons-of-mummy-and-daddy turned Left in the late 60's. The Left decided they had to buy their redemption from the guilt complex they carried by siding with their dads' historical victims. This is not to say, as the author repeatedly mentions, that all Muslims are fascists.

Of course not. The problem is that all the fascists claim to be Muslim. Melanie Phillips has shown a lot of courage by reporting the facts of this struggle in the UK. Describing the big picture as well as the small pictures composed of the daily lives of the British citizens. Fearless, straightforward, clear-minded, and right on target, she gives the names, quotes the public statements, and does an powerful analysis of the general political situation worldwide and the implications in our daily lives. This book is dynamite. If you don't wake up reading this, you're probably alive only physically, not morally, and not spiritually.

This book was such a thrill to read, despite its pessimism, and is so well written, so direct, so powerful, that I can't remember one that impressed me so much since "The Gulag Archipelago", long ago. Its pessimism doesn't overpower. It has the quality of detachedness, of being able to see the trees through the thick wood, of not getting entangled fruitlessly in discussions. The hunger for power of the judges is exposed. The organized church, faithless, soulless, and politicized, is put to shame.

The media, but specially the BBC, is exposed for its biased policy against one religion and in favor of another the BBC is an issue that deserves a separate book. And it all comes down to one issue: Israel. It is not even the US, or capitalism vs socialism; it is not America; it is not even a clash of civilizations as some intellectuals would have us believe. The isthmus test is Israel.