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Gazzini M. Marque por contenido inapropiado. Carrusel Anterior Carrusel Siguiente. Advances in Deterministic and Stochastic Analysis Buscar dentro del documento. Preliminaries We start by recalling the following definition from [12] and [11]. Moreover we have that v achieves Sp,cyl if and only if Lv 1, N.

More precisely, we choose 0 such that p2 2 p 1 0 p Sp , 3. Breaking symmetry The reason for the phenomenon described in Theorem 0. RN The conclusion easily follows. Equality can not hold, since the Hardy constant is not achieved. RN Then the Morse index of any cylindrically symmetric solution v to 0.

We compare here the best 2 k N k constants Sp and Sp,cyl. RN As a Corollary to Theorem 0. Documentos similares a Gazzini M. Monirul Islam. Semar Ngantuk. Anonymous PPYjNtt. Jorge F. Joseph P. Conlon, Carlos A. Herdeiro: Can black hole superradiance be induced by galactic plasmas? Juan Carlos Degollado, Carlos A. Lillo-Box, D.

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