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There may be a guest lecture in the middle of the semester. Another guest lecture may be somewhere around the end of the semester. Where are we in the continuum? Comparison with the American system. Week 8: The U. Constitution as compared to the Texas Constitution. Chapter 8: Political Parties in the United States. Week The U. How is the American judiciary different from the British judiciary. Week Chapter 5: Federalism. Course goals and objectives : This course gives you the opportunity to understand how literature, music, art, architecture, religion, and philosophy interconnect in a broadly historical context, with emphasis this semester on the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian roots of Western Civilization.

The goal of the course is to develop your thinking and writing skills evaluative, comparative, creative, and analytical along with your knowledge and understanding of culture so that you may become an innovative and informed world citizen. Reading: Thucydides, pp. Reading: Aeschylus, excerpt from Agamemnon , pp.

Hellenistic Philosophy, pp. Video: "The Rise of Rome". A carefully-reasoned self-assessment paper explained fully in a separate handout during the final week of the semester is prepared ahead of time, outside of class, and turned in Dec. For the writing assignments, what is expected is a thoughtful, well-written, and typed response that demonstrates the evaluative, comparative, analytical, and creative skills specified in the stated goals for the course. One good paragraph— to words—is the appropriate length. About 20 minutes should be devoted to this task for each class.

Paragraphs are due on the date noted on the assignment sheet to be passed out separately and will be stamped on that date during class meeting. Students whose responses are not prepared for a class session may complete their paragraph responses later and receive partial credit for them when portfolios are assessed.

The brief reading quizzes will usually consist of five multiple-choice questions based on the assigned reading for a particular day. The questions—usually requiring short answer, description, or definition—will be the kind of question that occurs on the objective portion of the exams. Students may drop the lowest grade for reading quizzes, but quizzes may not be taken early or made up later.

Therefore, regular attendance is important and expected. A record of attendance at each class meeting will be kept, but no specific penalty will be assigned for absences. Students who arrive habitually late will have a grade deduction for the disruption cause by their behavior. Additional Requirements for Students: 1 Research Paper : A ten-page paper on a topic selected in conference with the instructor will be due November Topics must be selected no later than September 27 please submit a short, written topic choice.

The paper must involve independent research and give evidence of the ability to synthesize the expressions of different forms of art within the cultural period the ancient world. Topic choices for presentations need to be turned in quickly—by September 18 presentation dates will be assigned shortly after.

A typed outline of the report and a typed bibliography in MLA format of at least three sources must be turned in to the instructor on the day of the report. My office hours are TR. Class Meeting: Monday, 6pm-8 : 50pm. Office Hours: MWF: Course Schedule: Lecture: TR: 8. Since this is an online course, there are no mandatory class sessions. However, it is important that you keep track of your own progress, due dates, etc. Students should communicate with the instructor on a regular basis.

Lessons are scheduled the first week of class and are based on student and professor schedules. Readings and projects are DUE the first day of the week. Quizzes also occur on the first day of the week. You can contact me for special meeting times. Publisher; Pearson. Lecture Text Recommended : Bookstore will not carry it. You can get it online anywhere or from a previous CLS student. M , TR, TR — AM. MF , TR, This course applies theories and concepts used by the nurse to assist childbearing families achieve their maximum potential.

Lifestyle and cultural diversity within individual, families, and communities is emphasized. Reliable information drawn from a variety of sources including nursing research assists the student to develop an evidence-based practice. Lowdermilk, D. St Louis: Mosby. Apply findings from current professional literature in planning nursing care for childbearing families. Integrate understanding of variations in lifestyle and culture in providing health care to members of childbearing families.

Provide nursing care that assists childbearing families achieve optimal health. Practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills in caring for childbearing families. Students are expected to take exams on the day they are scheduled. If you are ill or cannot take the exam on the scheduled day, please notify course instructor 2 hours before the scheduled exam to arrange an exam make-up on the allotted day. This must be scheduled with instructor prior to this date. See Calendar. WebCT e-mail is the preferred method of communication with instructors.

Jansen, exam grade, or Bowles, breastfeeding assignment. Please be sure any attachment has your name on it. Some of your e-mails may be answered via Discussion Board if the answer would benefit everyone in the class. If you want to communicate with one class member please use the e-mail rather than the Discussion Board. The class will appreciate this consideration. Technical issues should be discussed with Crystal Boyle crystal.

Often the problem involves having pop-up blockers enabled. Students are expected to attend all classroom, clinical, and SIMs experiences. Roll will be taken each class. A seating chart will be used in order to better get to know each of you. Students who must be absent from class or clinical due to unforeseen circumstances are responsible for notifying the instructor of their absence. Notification must be prior to the scheduled time of the class or clinical experiences stated in the BSN Student Handbook.

All absences in clinical and SIMS must be made up. Failure to do so will result in clinical failure. Please refer to Student Handbook for explanation of Clinical failure. Consistent with the university policy to allow each faculty member the freedom and responsibility to create a quality learning environment for all students, the faculty member may dismiss a student from class for either disruption of the learning process, excessive tardiness and excessive absences, or lack of reasonable effort.

The BSN Program does not condone cheating in any form and considers it a serious offense. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, 1 use of any unauthorized assistance in taking quizzes, s, or examinations; 2 dependence upon the aid of sources beyond those authorized by the instructor in writing papers, preparing reports, solving problems, or completing other assignments; or 3 the acquisition of s or other academic materials belonging to the university faculty or staff without permission.

Offending material that may constitute plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the following: bibliography cards, formal papers, book reports, written nursing care plans, etc. For further information regarding cheating and any subsequent actions to be taken please refer to the policy statement in the BSN Student Handbook. The faculty reserves the right to recommend to the Program Coordinator and Chairperson of Wilson School of Nursing withdrawal of a student from the nursing program for health, legal, professional, or academic reasons, particularly if patient care is jeopardized.

Students must maintain a grade of C or above. Students must meet all course and clinical requirements; failure in either the didactic or. All forms must be turned in to clinical instructor as soon as all clinical experiences have been completed. A form will be provided so that at the completion of each clinical, you will give to the preceptor.

This will assist them in tracking clinically precepted time for their clinical ladder. Additional Clinical Assignments :. Case Studies will involve group work of 10 groups which will be assigned randomly. There will be 4 case studies covering low risk delivery, complications of labor, well newborn, and newborn with complications. Each case study will be posted by groups.

There will be a problem presented, assessment data to be gathered, and treatment options to be discussed. This will be done in group work and posted to your group. A format will be provided. You will use your book as resource as well as any other credible website or person. Due dates: See calendar. Students are expected to attend all clinical experiences. If a clinical must be missed, the student is responsible for notifying their instructor via WebCT email. Or phone. Using email is for your protection.

Any absence from clinical will necessitate rescheduling the clinical day. The faculty member or preceptor has the right to request the student to leave if that a student is not prepared for clinical. If a student is sent home for cause, this will constitute a clinical failure, which will result in failure of the course. Once you have scheduled a clinical, you are expected to follow the schedule. Numerous schedule changes will not be allowed. Certainly, if you are ill or an emergency has occurred you will be given consideration.

This includes jewelry, piercings, headpieces such as bows or flowers. Only a plain headband will be acceptable. Also, small stud earrings and plain band wedding rings may be worn. Rings with a setting can tear gloves and be a source of infection to your patient. You also risk losing a setting during patient transfers, etc. You may wear either a white, grey, or black long sleeve shirt under your scrub top. Remember that you are representing Midwestern State University when you are.

Please show the staff respect by allowing them. Do not congregate in the conference. Do not take cell phones or backpacks on the unit. If you. Do not use the. You will be given a parking badge which will allow you to park in the employee lot east of the main building. You will also receive a proximity badge which will allow you to access most staff areas of Bridwell Tower. Both parking and proximity badges will be checked out to each student at the beginning of the semester and must be returned by the end of the semester.

Failure to return either of the badges will result in a clinical failure which will prevent you from passing the course. You will also be required to pay for the lost badge s. You will be allowed to chart on the computer on Postpartum, Nursery, and Antepartum, but will not chart in triage or Labor and Delivery. You may only access information related to your assigned patient.

Level of performance in the clinical component of this course is evaluated using the preceptor evaluation form in addition to observations by the clinical instructors. Students will evaluate the course and clinical experience at the end of the semester. These evaluations will be anonymous and will used to improve content presentation and application.

If a problem should arise during your clinical experience in reference to a preceptor or instruction, please notify one of your clinical instructors immediately.

James B. MacQueen Web Page

Please do not wait until the end of the semester to notify us of problems. All students must present documentation that they are in compliance with state and program mandated immunization requirements. Failure to do so will prevent the student from attending clinical laboratory experience until they are in compliance. All students must show documentation of current liability insurance prior to attending clinical laboratory experience.

Please speak with the Clinical Coordinator with any questions you may have in this regard. MSU provides academic accommodations and auxiliary aids to individuals with disabilities, as defined by law, who are otherwise qualified to meet academic employment requirements. For Assistance call or Please see the instructor outside of class to make arrangements involving special accommodations. After declaration, preferably at the beginning of each semester, the student needs to contact individual instructors to determine any reasonable accommodations that may be required. Class Time: W p.

Location: OD Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays every other week beginning the first week of classes; Meets to in Bridwell Mondays from to Every other Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays from to Clinical is TBA every other week. Monday and Wednesday to pm and Tuesday and Thursday am to 12 noon. Monday 8 to , Tuesday 8 to or to PM and Wednesday 8 to Guthrie, Ph. Course Objectives: This course is designed to provide advanced undergraduate psychology majors with an overview of the professional issues and responsibilities of clinical psychologists.

Course Description: While this course is basically a lecture course, it is hoped that students will read material ahead and will be prepared to engage in meaningful class discussion. Class lectures will be related to, but not identical with, material presented in the text, and you will be ed on both; therefore, regular class attendance is required. Grades will be based on four equally weighted exams, which will consist of both multiple choice and essay questions. Ten 10 points extra credit may be obtained by maintaining perfect attendance, defined as having no unexcused absences.

Absences are excused only under the following circumstances:. University stating that the student was in attendance at a mandatory. In order for an absence to be excused, the written excuse must be provided within one week of the absence. Funerals, employment-related absences, illnesses not requiring medical attention, job interviews, family emergencies, automobile problems, court appearances, etc. No other make-ups will be allowed; if you miss an exam during this semester, you must attend this session.

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Also note: Pagers and cell phones are to be turned off during class. If you have a situation that requires you to receive calls, you need to contact me ahead of time, have your device on vibration mode, and take the call outside the classroom. MWF — AM. MWF 50pm. TR AM. L10 - TR Office hours: Mon 10 am - pm, pm- 7 pm Tues am - 2pm.

Please make an appointment during these hours. See ! Also Class Schedule and Class Syllabus should provide detailed information. Gorrell, Donna. Loose-leaf paper. All other information is posted there. This course applies concepts used by the nurse to assist childbearing families achieve their maximum potential. Elimination and exchange with childbearing families. Perception and cognition with childbearing families. Coping and stress tolerance within childbearing families. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of caring for childbearing families.

Murray, S. Louis, MO: Elsevier. Refer to: Student Handbook for infractions and codes of professional conduct. Additional guidelines on procedures in these matters may be found in the Office of Student Conduct. Students must meet all course and clinical requirements; failure in either the didactic or the clinical component will constitute failure of the course.

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  4. All exams will be computerized. Notes on technology use can be found on D2L. Please bring your laptop to class on exam day. We will be using a lockdown version issued by the university that will be available to you on exam day at a specified time. In the event a backup plan is needed, we will use the paper version. Exam Soft requires loading softest application for taking course exams Exam Soft must be purchased on-line at the start of every semester.

    Must have battery use for at least 1. Seventy-five minutes will be allowed for each exam. Exam Soft will provide students with user IDs, initial passwords, and instructions on how to load Softest. Students must maintain ready access to user IDs and passwords on exam days. Place in back packs at back of room. This includes coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. All make-up exams must be taken prior to the next scheduled exam.

    The presentation will be given at the end of the semester. Topics will be given at the first of the semester and will be developed over the course of the semester. This is group work. The groups will consist of four people and you will choose your own group. This is a study in creativity, critical thinking and application of knowledge learned in class. More information will be given at the first of the semester. D2L e-mail is the preferred method of communication with instructors. This is preferred because 1 with D2L e-mail there is a record of all communications; and 2 instructors can retrieve and answer the e-mails from off campus if they are out of the office.

    Each student is expected to be familiar with this program as it provides a primary source of communication regarding assignments, examination materials, and general course information. If you have trouble, please contact the technicians listed for the program or contact your instructor. This includes jewelry, piercings, and headpieces such as bows or flowers. In addition, small stud earrings and plain band wedding rings may be worn. You may either wear a white, grey, or black long sleeve shirt under your scrub top.

    Remember that you are representing Midwestern State University when you are either in class, SIMs or on a clinical unit.

    Please show the staff respect by allowing them to sit for report and while charting on their patients. Do not congregate in the conference room or around the front desk. If you must make an emergency call, notify your preceptor and step off the unit. Do not use the computer while on the unit unless instructed to download information. You will be given a parking badge, which will allow you to park in the employee lot east of the main building.

    You will also receive a proximity badge, which will allow you to access most staff areas of Bridwell Tower. Failure to return either of the badges will result in a clinical failure, which will prevent you from passing the course. The clinical instructors evaluate level of performance in the clinical component of this course using the preceptor evaluation form, your self-evaluation, and observations.

    The faculty recognizes that the issues of patient safety and professional standards cannot be compromised: therefore, any student who does not meet these standards will be immediately counseled. In accordance with Section of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of and the Americans with Disabilities Act of , Midwestern State University endeavors to make reasonable accommodations to ensure equal opportunity for qualified persons with disabilities to participate in all educational, social, and recreational programs and activities.

    After notification of acceptance, students requiring accommodations should make application for such assistance through Disability Support Services, located in the Clark Student Center, Room , Current documentation of a disability will be required in order to provide appropriate services, and each request will be individually reviewed.

    For more details, please go to the MSU webpage. College policy strictly prohibits the use of tobacco products in any building owned or operated by WATC. Adult students may smoke only in the outside designated-smoking areas at each location. Senate Bill 11 passed by the 84th Texas Legislature allows licensed handgun holders to carry concealed handguns on campus, effective August 1, Areas excluded from concealed carry are appropriately marked, in accordance with state law.

    In addition, students are often required to palpate other students while simulating medical examinations or procedures. This required physical contact may also make concealment of a firearm difficult. Students should factor the above in their decision as to whether or not to conceal carry in nursing laboratories. Students may have to engage in activities such as moving patients or performing examinations, which may make the concealment of a firearm difficult. Update as needed. Students who wish to appeal a grade should consult the Midwestern State University Undergraduate Catalog. Notice Changes in the course syllabus, procedure, assignments, and schedule may be made at the discretion of the instructor.

    Enhancing Undergraduate Research Endeavors and Creative Activities EURECA is a program that provides opportunities for undergraduates to engage in high-quality research and creative activities with faculty. EURECA provides incentives and funding through a system that supports faculty and students in a cooperative research process. For more information contact the Office of Undergraduate Research, or by sending a message to eureca mwsu.

    Information and resources are available at www. To support undergraduate research and creative activities, Midwestern State University holds an enhanced institutional membership with the Council on Undergraduate Research CUR. This institutional membership includes unlimited memberships for any interested faculty, staff, and students. Students may find information on benefits and resources at www. TR —, Bolin TR Skip to main content. Homepage Profiles Courses. D Email: jonathon. Fundamentals of Speech Communication Integrated Reading and Writing 1R1.

    Intro to Hispanic Lit Intro to Hispanic Literature Photography 1 ART Photography II Art Photography III Art Photography IV Art Photography V Art In accordance with the law, MSU provides academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Abnormal Psychology Organize and master a large amount of information.

    Improve on APA 6 th Edition writing skills and library search skills. Reference page s.

    Use the library. Washington D. Stapler : papers must be stapled and will not be accepted unless stapled. Please save your file in the following manner: firstname. Abstract Algebra I Abstract Algebra II Academic And Resarch Writing Academic Research - Writing Academic Research and Writing 1R2. Academic Research and Writing 1R3. Academic Research and Writing L Academic Research and Writing Academic Research and Writing , Academic Research and Writing x Academic Research Writing Academic Writing and Research Accounting Research and Communications Acting for Non-Majors Adapted Physical Activity Admin of Athletic Training Administration and Supervision Administration and Supervision fo Diagnostic Imaging Administration and Supervision in Medical Imaging Administration and Supervision of Diagnostic Imaging Administration of Radiologic Education Programs Administrative Radiologic Practicum Adult Critical Care x Adult Critical Care Adult Critical Care DX1.

    Adv Comprehensive Skills Spanish Adv Database Mgmt Systems Adv Operating Systems Adv Programming Languages Adv Topic: Big Data Adv Topics: History of Computing Practice Applications x Advance Clinical Skills Advance Survey of Literature Advanced Structures and Algorithms Advanced Accounting Advanced Applied Business Statistics Advanced Clinical Practice Skills x Advanced Clinical Practice Skills X February 5 Patient assessment due, January 29 Cultural Communication topic due. Advanced Clinical Practice Skills Advanced Computer Architecture Advanced Creative Prose Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Advanced Fiction Writing Advanced Grammar and Composition Spanish Advanced Grammar and Composition French Advanced Grammar and Composition Advanced Nursing Seminar Advanced Operating Systems Advanced Oral Expression Advanced Organic Chemistry Advanced Practice Applications x1.

    Advanced Programming Language Concepts Advanced Project in Performance Advanced Radiographic Procedures Advanced Rehearsal and Production I Advanced Rehearsal and Production II Advanced Reporting and Writing Advanced Software Engineering Advanced Stagecraft Special Topics Advanced Survey of Literature Advanced Topics: Scientific Computing Aging, Death and Dying Algorithm Analysis America: Jazz Age to Nuclear Age American and Texas Government I L American and Texas Government I American and Texas Government II American Government American Government L MWF PM.

    Required Texts 1. Course Overview This serves as a general outline of the course topics and flow. Week 1: Chapter 1: Introduction. What is politics? Week Final Examination. American Government Honors 1H1. American Government I X American Government I American Government I L Luryi and A.

    Zaslavsky , pp. Altman and A. Cavazos-Cadena and R. Montes-de-Oca , Mathematics of Operations Research , 25 , pp. Altman , J.

    Ferguson, Thomas S. (Thomas Shelburne) 1929-

    Filar, and V. How, J. Filar, A. Chen, eds , Kluwer, Norwell , MA , pp. Download PS. Chow, F. Wu, and J. Momoh, eds. Lewis , Mathematics of Operations Research , 32 , , Chen , Mathematical Methods of Operations Research , 66 , , Sarychev et al eds , Springer, Berlin, pp. Burnaev and A. Yang , Probability in Engineering and Informational Sciences , 25 , pp. Hernandez and A. Minjarez eds , Birkhauser, Springer, pp. Kasyanov and N. Denardo and U. Huang , Operations Research Letters , 41, pp.

    Kasyanov, N. Zadoianchuk Theory Probab. Mandava, A. Huang , Operations Research Letters , 42 , pp. Kasyanov and M. Bishop and J. Zgurovsky, V. Huang, B. Scherrer , Operations Research Letters , 42 , pp. Zgurovsky , Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, , pp. Kasyanov , Set-Valued and Variational Analysis , 23 , pp. Yang , Queueing Systems , 82 , pp. Hu and E. Yuan , Electric Power Systems Research , , pp. Zgurovsky , Mathematics of Operations Research , 41, pp.

    Mandava and A. Kasyanov and Y. Papers in Conference Proceedings:. Boguslavsky, E. Gelembe, Ya. Rezer and L. Altman, J. Bender, M.