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But the delegates were interested in the variety of different models exploring differences in personality, communication, thinking and buying style that could be used to support the development of rapport, matching of people and good relationship development. Most of you will know that I place great emphasis on the importance of empathy both when marketing and selling. But it was interesting that a couple of the delegates found it helpful to be reminded of the power of active listening in selling situations.

Similar to the material on personality and other styles, we also considered the behaviour of people in teams and groups. And this was considered in the context of both the sales team as well as the client team and when they came together. A number of tools to help analyse and improve team dynamics were mentioned.

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Most delegates felt that the various practical tools that they received to help their lawyers and accountants analyse the sales opportunity and plan their action for each stage of the sales cycle were most useful and indicated that they would be putting these into immediate use on their return to the office. Of course, there are many good sales books some even focusing on professional services around as a source of additional knowledge — and details were provided during the session.

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However, I always remind people that my first book provides a good introduction to both the concepts of consultative selling as well as examples of how it is applied in both tendering and account management scenarios within the professions. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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What is emotional intelligence EQ and why is it important? Marketing Technology — To automate or not to automate legal pitch and tender documents?

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Thank you! Published by Milo Caldwell Modified over 3 years ago. What the features mean to provider or client Provide motivation to take action Creative, can be emotional Easy to use, more clientele, peace of mind, easy to take, affordable, confidence, fits with lifestyle, etc….. Golden Rule: Always link a Feature with a Benefit! She is frugal and wants a dress that can serve many purposes She works in an office all day and often goes out to meet friends for dinner right after work She likes to go to the gym to exercise at lunch time but has limited time and needs to get back to work quickly She finds the climate in Laos [insert country name] VERY hot.

When is it best to talk to this person? Where, or in what situation, should you engage them? What should you discuss with them? What are their motivators? Who are the stakeholders that influence them? When is the provider most readily available times of the day, days of the week? Have you built enough rapport with the provider to discuss difficult topics? You must ensure sufficient time to explore real needs You must have trust and openness.

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In what situations will a provider be more open to speaking sincerely and sharing information? With or without clients or assistants nearby? Benefits are intangible, can be fact based or emotional. Benefits motivate behavior change.

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Golden Rule: Always state a feature with a benefit! Basic visit structure begins with clear objective for the plan Always take notes on provider visits — Provider Visit Notes tool facitliates this process. All rights reserved. All Rights Reserved.